Choosing an island get away, is almost always a good idea. Ideally the criteria follows a path where the water is clear and the sands is powdery white. When an island getaway being considered, Maldives is never far as a possible option. Situated 2100 nautical miles of the cost of India is a collection of twenty six atolls which makes up the Maldives. If you have decided to explore these breathtaking islands, there are some things you should know before you go.

BYO Alcohol

Leave that duty free alcohol behind, you wont need it in Maldives.
Firstly Maldives is a Muslim country so keep in mind it is illegal to bring in any alcohol to the country. This can be a problem if you have stocked up on cheap duty free alcohol throughout your travels so either drink up or throw it out. If you have accommodation booked at the one of the many island resorts and not at the capital Male then alcohol consumption is allowed and is freely accessible from the resorts, at a premium of course.

Getting to your Island

When booking your resort make sure you find out how far it is from the international airport. This will determine what type of transport you will need. If your resort is situated further away then you’ll probably need to take a seaplane, which isn’t cheap. Otherwise you can get away with taking a boat to your resort at a much cheaper price. If booking accommodation that is closer to the airport make sure its not too close because you run the risk of getting a resort with the noise of frequent flights and naval traffic instead of serene silence.

Currency on the Island

All major resorts in Maldives charge in US dollars. So for those US travelers this wont be an issue however for all others be prepared to consider the conversion rate. Cash isn’t necessary unless your thinking of keeping some money for tips, then US dollars will be handy to have. Otherwise all expenses can be easily charged to your credit card, a little too easily sometimes so make sure you check your expenses on departure.


There is nothing more memorable than booking yourself an over water room that is situated over a crystal clear lagoon. However if on a budget and you need to look at other options, make sure you check out the beach front rooms. Otherwise if you don’t mind the view from the room and just want to make your own view, the garden rooms are defiantly an affordable option. Also when considering your resort take a look at whats offered as far as facilities and location, there is nothing worse than picking a fantastic room only to find out the water and reef are somewhat lacking. This can be overcome with a day trip to a reef.


When traveling through Internet sites or talking to your travel agent you may be offered packages that are either full board, half board or all inclusive packages. Full board usually implies that all meals are covered throughout the day, whereas half board includes your breakfast and dinner. The all inclusive option is all meals including drinks. However do your research because these definitions can vary with some resorts. Also mini bar drinks are usually always excluded.

What to Do

There is never a shortage of things to do in Maldives even if your not that confident with water sports. All resorts provide relaxation activities and entertainment every night if you prefer to stay out of the water. Most resorts are equipped with ample facilities. You can usually find Spa’s, tennis courts, gyms, library’s, a range of restaurants, bars and even a doctor on site if needed. If however you are into your water sports dont miss the diving experience and the snorkling. Most resorts have their own house reef for snorkling otherwise they do offer diving and snorkling trips to those more exotic locations.

Your escape to Maldives will truly be an unforgettable experience and one that you’ll never forget. So next time your scrolling through your Face book news feed say to yourself I’ve been there, instead of I wish I was there.